Do you know that Neurotherapy and Wellness Neurotherapy are different?

what is neurotherapy ?

Most people think that Neurotherapy and Wellness Neurotherapy are the same but Neurotherapy and Wellness Neurotherapy are different because of Neurotherapy – (or neurofeedback therapy) involves measuring and training the electrical signals generated by the neurons (nerve cells) of the brain. These signals, called EEG, are related to the degree of activation of different brain regions, and show how effectively the different parts of the brain are operating.

Neurotherapy wellness – In ayurveda, Wellness neurotherapy is called “Nadi Mardan Kriya”. It is an ancient healing and rehabilitative therapy which is based on the vedic philosophies and principles. It works on muscles, nerves, joints, blood & lymphatic systems.

How does neurotherapy work?


It is a pressure therapy in which pressure is given on different parts of the body at different angles for specific periods of time and in specific sequences, which correct the malfunction of organs and set them right. Thereby, it rids the body of the very roots of the disease. It also rejuvenates and detoxifies the body.

Does neurotherapy work for knee pain?

knee pain neurotherapy

For knee pain, the complex procedures used in Myo-Neurology Therapy retrain the way the brain communicates with the muscles of the knee, eliminating the abnormal forces, thus decreasing discomfort.

Which is better: a chiropractor or a Wellness Neurotherapy?

Neurotherapy and chiropractic care are two distinct approaches to healthcare, each with its own principles, techniques, and focus areas. Here’s a brief overview of the differences between neurotherapy and chiropractic care


Wellness Neurotherapy: Wellness Neurotherapy structure, bone muscular and navels alignment body’s internal chemicals just like hormones and digestive juice electrolytes both are balanced or regulated.


Chiropractic Care: Chiropractic care primarily focuses on diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal systems, particularly those related to the spine and nervous system. Who Can Benefit From Neurotherapy?

Neurotherapy can be used to improve a wide variety of symptoms in people of all ages. Neurotherapy can help improve anxiety, depression, stress, attention, insomnia, chronic pain, substance abuse, stress, headaches, trauma and brain injury.

Neurotherapy can also improve functioning in people with developmental disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, learning problems, and intellectual disabilities. Neurotherapy can also be used to improve the peak performance of musicians, executives, and athletes.

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